Archaeological Anomalies: Graphic Artifacts I

  • Anomalous coins: Coins of Precolumbian mintage found in the New World; Ancient Egyptian coins found in Australia; Deeply buried ancient coins; Oxhide currency in the Precolumbian New World; Coins with maps.
  • Geoforms: Terrestrial Graphics: The Nazca Lines; Cuzco: the mirror of the cosmos; Notable intaglio morphs everywhere; Emblematic and effigy mounds; Large boulders and gravel effigies; Population-center patterns; Large-scale terrestrial sculptures
  • Zodiacs and Calendars: Zodiac anomalies and curiosities; Unusual bone calendars; Ancient stone calendars and time markers; Curious but scarcely anomalous wooden calendars; Textile calendars; "Quipu" calendars; A porported Olmec calendar mozaic; A golden calendar lozenge; Calendars of non-Astronomical events; Is the Mallia table a calendar?; Ancient mechanical calendars; The Mesoamerican 260-day calendar; Transpacific calendar affinities; Other selected structures and artifacts with calendar characteristics
  • Anomalous Maps: The Vinland map; Old maps that reveal an ice-free Antarctica; The Waldseemuller map and a possible Chinese connection; Ancient Chinese world maps; Micronesian stick charts; Maps of selected phantom islands; Map anomalies on ancient coins; "Oldest" maps; The Mysterious origin of the Portolans;
  • Quipus and Related Information Carries: Literary quipus; Sticks, bones, and stones as information carries

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Author: William R. Corliss
Type: Hardcover, 182 pages
Publisher: Sourcebook Project, The (2006)
Audience: Advanced
ISBN: 0-915554-48-8

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